Taylor Marie Walker      


Fine Artist & Illustrator
Pet Portraits
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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio. I love drawing and I love animals, and I'm lucky enough to make a living drawing what I love. If you were to ask my clients what the hallmark of my work is, they wouldn't hesitate to say: detail.


The backbone of TayloredIllustration is custom art. I love being able to create any and every idea that my clients' have! Whether you want a colored pencil drawing of your furbaby wearing a sombrero, a Christmas card with Santa passed out in a tutu after drinking too much wine, or a 12x36 oil & encaustic panel with a color palette of mint, tangerine and fuchsia, I can create anything and everything that you want!

I also pride myself on the acute level of detail that I capture in my pet portraits. When I'm creating a portrait, I really dig deep and not only look, but feel, the presence of the pet and the tiny little imperfections that make them unique. Does the cat have green flecks in its brown eyes? Does that dog have little individual gray hairs sprinkled throughout his chest? I strive to make my pet portraits as photorealistic as possible, but also as organic as possible, by capturing detail that a camera can't.

As for my holiday cards, there is nothing more fun than being able to imagine an obscene situation that Santa could get himself into, and then making that happen! My cards are pure imagination and an absolute delight to create, and I look forward to expanding on my collection every year!