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From a little girl that colored on reams of printer paper and rescued stray apartment cats, to a passionate woman that's made her career as a pet portrait artist, I'm an imaginative creative and compassionate animal lover to my core.

Who I am

I'm a self reflective daydreamer that's always striving to grow and make honest assessments of my feelings, strengths and motivations.


I value empathy & clear communication and always aim to connect on a personal level with my clients.


Being partial to stray & adopted as my favorite breed, I'm passionate about helping homeless pets by donating artwork to local and international animal welfare organizations.


I'm an early riser that loves journaling, planning, thinking and exercising before I begin my day. I believe happiness starts with self care and I make myself a priority; only then can I be my best self for my husband, kitties, friends & clients.

What I do

Detail. Everything I do is detailed; from delicate cat whiskers, burnt edges on a holiday card, to perfectly blended makeup...detail is what sets me apart.


I thrive on taking the time to capture elements that most wouldn't have the patience for. It's thrilling taking something to the extreme and hearing my clients exclaim, " I can't believe you noticed the way Cooper's right eye is slightly more closed!"

Detail is what makes us all unique, and detail is what separates a portrait of a brunette little girl, from a portrait of YOUR brunette little girl.

Detail is what makes the difference between average and stunning. I strive for stunning.

Why I create

As an Enneagram 4, I feel deeply. I dream, reflect, visualize and imagine with a deep burning passion.


I know exactly how powerful emotions and memories can be, and how they take us back to a particular time, place or person. Sometimes it can be hard to keep this person or feelings with us when all we have is our fleeting memories, but that's where I come in: I bring your feelings, memories and loved ones back to you with stunning visuals that exceed your expectations.


I create custom art that connects. I help you return to that care-free day when you were strolling around Brown County eating country fried donuts with mom. I help soothe your grief with a portrait so photorealistic it feels like your chocolate lab could walk right off the page and come give you a hug. I create art with deep emotional connection that helps tell your unique story. I give your story a heartbeat on paper.

Using my passions to

Give Back to the Community

I believe in giving back and living a life of abundance and gratitude, that's why I'm so grateful to use my artistic talent to give back to local and international animal welfare organizations.

Every year I donate a pet portrait gift card to LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) in BC Canada for their annual Gala, which is known to raise funds exceeding 200k!

I also participate in the Naturally Inspired Paint Out event hosted by the Indianapolis Zoo by creating a piece of original art that is auctioned off to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

Living a life of service fills my cup up!


Detail is everything

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