Who I am

Animal lover and artist that flourishes on creative thinking. I'm a self reflective daydreamer that's always striving to improve emotionally & physically, and make honest assessments of my feelings, strengths and limitations. I value empathy & clear communication and always aim to connect on a human level (something I feel the world is missing) with my clients. Being partial to stray & adopted as my favorite breed, I'm passionate about helping homeless pets by donating artwork to LAPS, IndyHumane and Hamilton Co Humane Society. I'm an early riser that has to spend a few hours journaling, planning, thinking and exercising before I can begin my day. I believe happiness starts with self care and I try to make myself a priority; only then can I be my best self for my babies, husband, friends & clients.

Everything I do is detailed; from delicate, white cat whiskers, to burnt edges on a Holiday card, to broken blue glass embedded in an encaustic...detail is what separates my work from other artists'. I thrive on taking the time to capture elements that most people wouldn't have the patience for. I get such a thrill from taking something to the extreme and seeing my clients beam when they say, " I can't believe you noticed the way Cooper's right eye is slightly more closed, or the tiny tuffs of black on the tips of his ears!" Detail is what makes us all unique, and detail is what separates a drawing of a brunette little girl, from YOUR little girl.

What I do

Why I create

My subject matter is very eclectic. I go from full blow insane detail, drawing every little hair, to all over the place, messy, doesn't look like anything, encaustics. Animals have always been apart of my life so my biggest affinity is probably the pet portraits. The greeting cards allow me to let my imagine run wild and create all kinds of fun scenarios that I find sweet or funny. The encaustics let me shut off my mind and just feel; I love losing myself in the smell of burning wax and oil paint. The children's artwork, like the cards, is imaginative and free and makes me feel so accomplished bringing someone's idea to life. As for the family portraits, those are the newest addition to my services and I'm obsessed. I don't think there's a greater challenge than drawing people, because if you get one little thing slightly off then the whole portrait is distorted. I thrive on challenges; accomplishing them means I'm growing as an artist and as a person, and that is definitely something I'm always striving for.

A little more about me

Cat Mom

To my babies Toulouse, Sweet Pea, Ranger, Gizzie & Nero 

Donut Addict

For a health nut,

I sure love donuts!

Wine Lover

A bottle of red wine is an acceptable dinner

Purdue Alumni

Bachelors in Graphic Design

Minor in Studio Art

Coupon Junkie 

If it's more than $4.20, then

I don't need it

My Paradise

There's no place that makes me happier than Saugatuck, MI

Indianapolis, IN          765.421.1947