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Art That Inspires Their Imagination
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Wishes Granted

Surprise a girlfriend with custom Bambi art, create the perfect statement piece for your fox themed nursery, or bring your little girl's mermaid dreams to life! Whatever it is you're envisioning, I can create.


Perhaps you're wanting to fill a gallery wall with multiple pieces; commission a diptych or triptych. As long as you can articulate it, I can create it!


Send Inspiration

Let me take a peak inside your daydreams. Send reference photos, color samples, font selections and a detailed description of what you're envisioning.


I'll work with you to make sure I completely understand your vision before sketching. This is where you'll make any corrections about character placement, subject matter, style, overall aesthetic, etc.


Final Touches

Once I've emailed the final artwork for approval, you'll choose the embellishments: glitter, scrapbook paper, rhinestones, paper flowers or any other 3D objects. You can add as little or as much as you want!


Finally, you'll decide if you want it custom mated & framed. My clients would agree that they love the convenience of having it custom framed and ready to hang!

See for Yourself

A wonderful example of safari triptych art 

( 3 paintings created to act as a set) 

This client was having a hard time finding just the right artwork for her safari themed nursery; she wanted something photorealistic but still playful. Everywhere she looked, she found adorable art but it was all too cartoony or looked just like everyone else's.

So, to solve her problem, she commissioned this triptych. Not only did she have full control over the aesthetic, design, and color, but she now has unique, personalized décor that no one else has!

Custom art makes a wonderful gift for first time mommy's!

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Watercolor painting of a giraffe in a beautifully staged nursery, infant nursery art, Indianapolis artist specializing in children's art
Whimsical watercolor painting of an elephant, TayloredIllustration custom nursery art painting of safari animals

Customization is specific to each clients' needs. Therefore, not all pricing is the same.


Let me know what you're thinking &

I'll let you know what you're looking at.

Unique Piece. Unique Price.

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