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Custom Framing doesn't have to be


Wall of Frames

Take the guess work out. 

Let me pick the best mat & frame combo



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Decide Budget

Once your custom art is finished, how much are you willing to additionally spend?

Depending on size, double/single mat, and quality of frame, custom framing normally runs $100 - $250


Review Others

Still a little unsure or unable to visualize exactly what it'll

look like?

Then take a look through my gallery to see past custom framed commissions.

See a style you like? Great! Let me know so I can repeat that success on your piece!


Decide Style

Match to your home décor.....or pet's personality.

Have a modern home in shades of grey? Or perhaps a rustic farmhouse with lots of wood?

Maybe you want to match your pet's playful demeanor and opt for a colorful duo, instead.


You're Done!

After that's all been decided, your work is done! I'll handle all aspects of framing and ship the final piece to you!

Final step is to pay for the cost of the artwork, framing, & shipping, via Paypal, Venmo, cash or check,.



Custom Framed Commissions

from Happy Clients

Labradoodle Pet Portrait in a light, warm gray frame and velvet gray mat

When I received this beautifully framed piece, I was absolutely blown away by the detail. She captured the very essence of my old man.

Pet Portrait - Koshi


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