Oil paint

& bees wax

Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, is an ancient form of painting that dates back to Egypt around 100 - 300 AD.


(So basically, when mummies

were a thing!)

Paint Tubes
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The hot wax is always applied to a sturdy surface, usually wood.

Often, a collection will be comprised of multiple wooden panels.

Diptypchs are a set of 2 painted panels, and Triptychs are a set of 3 panels. These panels are created to go together and act as a set.

The style of encaustic painting that I create is called nonrepresenatational, meaning it doesn't look like anything.

Abstract and nonrepresentational are 2 different painting styles.

The difference is that abstract is a distorted painting style that still resembles its subject matter, whereas nonrep is completely devoid of any resemblance and focuses solely on color, form, and texture to convey emotion.

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Bold. Textural. Embellished

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Commissioning Process

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Single. Diptych. Triptych. More?

Different panels of all shapes and sizes can go together to create a highly unique gallery wall.



Linear? Splattered? Minimal?

Thick drips running all the way down? Paint splatter everywhere? Mix of both? Paint in one corner & the rest of the board exposed?



Gold Foil? Broken Glass?

What 3D elements would you like embedded in the wax?. Gold & silver foil are popular choices that add a sophisticated touch.

Your Wall's

Best Friend

Ready to begin your custom encaustic? Quality takes time, so reach out now and let's get started.

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8x10 or 36x48?

Extra small to Extra Large. What type of wall are you trying to fit?

5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, 36x48 



Black & Gold? Orange & Blue?

What color combination will best suite your space? Do you want something complimentary, or an attention grabbing pop of color?



Solid? Gradient? Exposed?

Paint all 4 edges the same color or match the color flow of the painting? Let the drips run down the sides & leave exposed wood?