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Your Special Someone

Your great grandmother, twin sons, loving aunt, rainbow baby or beautiful wife...We all have someone special that we can't get enough of. 


Having a custom family portrait created is one of the most heartfelt keepsakes you can give to a loved one. Portraits are a cherished possession that bring a sense of love, remembrance and joy every time you see it.

I understand first hand much these mean, that's why I take the time getting to know the person behind the photograph so I can bring your unique story to life.

Family Portraits are all created in colored pencil on bristol board and come in various sizes. I work off of one main reference photo but can combine multiple people into one portrait. Black & white, Sepia or full blown color....You decide how you want your portrait created.

As always with TayloredIllustration, every aspect of your portrait is 100% customizable and Taylored to you, so let me know what you're envisioning so that I can give you exactly what you want!

Couple in Love

So how does this work?



What photos do you need, and how do I send them?

Please email the reference photo you'd like me to work from; photos taken in clear, bright, natural lighting are best! The golden rule is: The better the photo, the better the portrait. Please refrain from sending photos taken inside with flash, if possible.

Can you combine multiple people into one portrait?

Yes, I can combine people from seperate photos into one portrait. Just please try to send a group shot of them together so I can see size relation. This is a common issue and one that I work with often.

Do you offer custom framing?

Yes, I offer custom framing for an additional $25 convenience fee. Many people get overwhelmed by framing and don't know what would best suit their portriat, so if that's you, let me handle it! The cost of framing is in addition to the price of your portrait. Framing runs $115-$250. So your $575 portrait plus $125  framing would be $700. 

What about backgrounds?

I normally don't draw backgrounds and prefer to leave them white so the subjects really pop off the page, but if you'd like a background I'd be happy to draw that for an additional fee. Please send me an email with your desired preferences and I'll see what I can do!

What medium are your portraits?

Unlike my pet portraits, I only offer colored pencil for family portraits. These are drawn on the same premium Strathmore 500 series Smooth Bristol Board using Faber Castell Polychromos and Caran d'Ache Luminance colored pencils. The paper is archival quality and will not deteriorate over time.

Can you change the color of clothes?

Just not feeling that bright red shirt or Colts logo? Sure, I can make minor adjustments to outfits. I can change the color of articles of clothing or omitt patterns or logos. In some cases I can add accessories like hats, jewelry or small personal belongings.

Do you work from one main photo or multiple?

I normally work from one main photo, however, please send as many as you'd like so I can really get a feel for your loved one. If there are any special attributes you'd like included or excluded, please be sure to specify that and send an example.

What are the sizes and which is most popular?






10x12 & 11x14 are my two most popular sizes because they allow for a nice amount of detail. For more info on sizes view them on "Pricing" page

"Taylor does not miss a detail. She is meticulous, and the time spent is evident in the way she captured my daughter's eyes."

"She took a great photo & turned it into a treasured keepsake"

In Your Opinion?

This adorable photo is a perfect example of why someone would want to commission a portrait.


Firstly, the photo is slightly pixelated which compromises the detail.


Secondly, it cuts parts of the children off, like the little boy's head and girl's ponytail.


Thirdly, the background is very unflattering and takes away from the focus of the children.


Lastly, the milkshake isn't very appealing and could stand to be enhanced.


By eliminating and enhancing certain features of the photo, the portrait represents the very best of the memory.


Everything is recreated with the utmost attention to detail and care.

Why would I want a portrait

when I already have a great photo?

1. Maybe the photo is a little pixelated?

2. Perhaps something got cut off or is out of focus.

3. You want to omit a physical feature like drool or a scar.

4. You'd like to change the color of an article of clothing

5. Perhaps something needs enhanced, like the milkshake in the example below.

6. Maybe their hair color has changed since the photo was taken and you'd like it represented as it is now.

7. The background is ugly or distracting.

8. It's a great photo of so-and-so but you don't like the other person in it, aka: an ex.


a memory

Ready to begin your custom portrait? Quality takes time, so reach out now to get started.

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