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Heirloom Keepsakes

 Creating a custom family portrait is one of the most heartfelt keepsakes you can give to a loved one, or yourself! Passed down generation after generation, portraits are a cherished possession that'll never lose their sense of love, remembrance and joy.

I understand the sentimentality that portraits carry, that's why I take the time to get to know the person behind the photograph so I can bring their unique story to life.


Each family portrait is meticulously hand drawn in colored pencil on archival quality paper, and come in a variety of sizes. I work off of one main reference photo but can combine multiple people into one portrait. Black & white, Sepia or full blown color....They're called custom portraits because the choices are all yours!

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The Process

1. Select Size

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1. Choose Size

What best suits your needs?

You've got options! What're you going after? A bold, 16x20 statement piece, or a comfortable, 8.5x11 desktop size? You can view prices under "Pricing" in the menu above.

Choose between: 8.5x11, 10x12, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24

2. Send High Quality Photos


2. Send Photos

The better the photo, the better the portrait

I can't stress this enough! Your portrait is only as good as the photos you provide.

Up close, eye level shots of your pet in bright, natural outdoor light are best! That allows for the utmost attention to detail and a richer contrast in shadows and highlights.


Please send 2-5 reference photos via email and I'll work with you to help decide which photo is best for your portrait! Keep scrolling to see examples of what "good quality" photos look like so you know exactly what to send!

Create a Mockup


3. Discuss Details

What should be included/omitted?

Tell me about your loved one and their unique features. Would you like special jewelry added? Is there a meaningful physical quirk I should be sure to capture? Is this a surprise for someone? Do you need this by a certain date?

We'll discuss all the details of your portrait to ensure it exceeds your expectiations.


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4. Sit Back & Relax

I'll create your custom keepsake

Portraits normally take 2-4 weeks. 

If you're on my waitlist, I'll shoot ya an email before I'm about to start, then another one when I'm about halfway through. Please feel free to request progress shots during this time. Orders can be rushed for an additional fee; this is especially important during the holidays, as this is notoriously my busiest time. I will do whatever I can to accommodate you, but my work is very detailed and time intensive, so quality takes time.

Social Media

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5. Get Social?

Progress shots or big reveal?

I'm active on Facebook and Instagram and regularly post progress shots of my current commissions. My clients often like to follow along and see the progression of their portrait, but if this is a gift or of sensitive nature, then please let me know so I can refrain from posting. I will always ask before I begin your portrait.


6. Custom Framing?

Do it yourself or allow me

Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of custom framing? No worries, allow me to do it for you! Simply tell me about your home décor and what you typically like, and I'll use your suggestions to pick out the best mat & frame combo!

Choose between single or double mat. Framing normally runs $100 - $250 depending on the size and quality of materials. Framing cost is in addition to the cost of your portrait. Framing will add an additional 2 weeks onto the production timeline, so keep this in mind if you're trying to have it in time for a Birthday or Holiday.

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"Taylor does not miss a detail. She is meticulous, and the time spent is evident in the way she captured my daughter's eyes."

"She took a great photo & turned it into a treasured keepsake"

In Your Opinion?


This adorable photo is a perfect example of why someone would want to commission a portrait.


Firstly, the photo is slightly pixelated which compromises the detail.


Secondly, it cuts parts of the children off, like the little boy's head and girl's ponytail.


Thirdly, the background is very unflattering and takes away from the focus of the children.


Lastly, the milkshake isn't very appealing and could stand to be enhanced.


By eliminating and enhancing certain features of the photo, the portrait represents the very best of the memory.


Everything is recreated with the utmost attention to detail and care.

Why would I want a portrait

when I already have a great photo?

1. Maybe the photo is a little pixelated?

2. Perhaps something got cut off or is out of focus.

3. You want to omit a physical feature like drool or a scar.

4. You'd like to change the color of an article of clothing

5. Perhaps something needs enhanced, like the milkshake in the example below.

6. Maybe their hair color has changed since the photo was taken and you'd like it represented as it is now.

7. The background is ugly or distracting.

8. It's a great photo of so-and-so but you don't like the other person in it, aka: an ex.

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How do I know

which size I need?

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Gift size

8.5 x 11

Perfect gift giving size. Good choice when reference photo quality isn't great. Best suited for desktop display or apart of a gallery wall.

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Attention size

16 x 20

Substantial. A commanding statement piece. Gorgeous level of detail. Can hold 2 or 3 subjects. Requires perfect reference photo.

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Goldilocks size

10 x 12

Not too big or too small. Most square-like dimensions. Allows for a solid amount of detail. Popular portrait size. Selective framing

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Statement size

18 x 24

 Largest size for portraits. Can hold 3+ subjects. Requires perfect reference photo. Good choice for nursery art, acrylic & encaustic paintings.

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Perfect size

11 x 14

First size that allows 2 subjects. Favorite size. Can stand alone on a wall. Beautiful level of detail. Needs great reference photo.

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Custom size


Need a size not listed? Customization is what I do best. Tell me what you need and I'll make it happen.


a memory

Ready to begin your custom portrait? Me too! I'm so honored that you've trusted me with your loved ones.