3' x 4'

The largest of any encaustic I've done, this piece was almost entirely an experiment. I had never worked with foil and encaustic before so I wanted to see how they interacted. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was relatively easy to place the foil how I wanted and keep it from sinking into the wax. Creating this was a ton of fun and one of the best learning experiences I've had with encaustic so far. What makes it even better is that it was created for my bedroom and I get to enjoy it every day.


12" x 12" 


Nonrepresentational painting is a way for me to escape the rigor of detailed illustrations and precise formatting and layouts - although I love both. While creating these paintings I get to simply focus on the feel of the brush and the surge or energy - or lack there of - that I'm feeling. There is something about the smell of turpentine and the feel of chipped brushes that I can't go without. This particular painting was created during a time of very high energy. I wanted to portray excitment and anticipation with the wild paint splatter and flowing lines. I was very particular, however, not to have the drips of wax resemble blood; layering orange wax over the top of the red, dripping lines diluted that resemblance.





My favorite triptych to date. Created to give the viewer the feel that they are drowning in the velvety layers of the earth; as though they are submerged in a thick mix of all-encompassiong warmth and soft ecstasy.



 3'x4' triptych

Created to fit my Shabby-Chic living room decor. (When you are remodeling, being a painter is definitely a perk!) This was actually the first non-representational painting that I created. I wanted to just explore the texture and complexity of layers that I could create with oil and beeswax. I considered this a good test-run, which inspired me to keep exploring nonrepresentational painting.


Bubbling Up


I wanted to create a painting that I didn't think about. I didn't preplan the color palette or think about the design or textures that I wanted to create. I almost wanted to gamble and see what I could create on a whim. I liked the challenge of just picking raw colors straight out of the tube and making them work together.



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