Hand Drawn Pet Portrait, Colored Pencil Pet Portrait of Shepherd Mix Dog by TayloredIllustration
Hyperrealistic Pet Portrait of a Shepherd Mix Dog, Classically Hand Drawn Pet Portrait by TayloredIl
Classically Hand Drawn Colored Pencil Pet Portrait of Striped & White Tabby Cat by TayloredIllustrat
Photorealistic Pet Portrait of Ginger Cat, Detailed Colored Pencil Pet Portrait by TayloredIllustrat
Red Golden Retriever Pet Portrait, Commission a Photorealistic Pet Portrait by TayloredIllustration
French Mastiff Pet Portrait
Animal Lover

I'm an animal lover; I get it. I understand how much your best friends mean to you. How that 4 piece cat tower complex in the corner of your living room is a testament to that love. Or how your Goldendoodle only eats homemade, carefully measured, fresh meals. Our animals are everything to us. Toulouse, Sweet Pea, Ranger, Gizzie and Nero are my pride and joys; they're my babies.


I don't want to just create a portrait. I want to create a timeless, custom keepsake that truly captures your pet's unique personality and physical quirks. A keepsake that brings you joy and comfort every single time you look at it.....a keepsake that feels like your best friend is still right there with you.


I strive for excellence. I want to create such a photorealistic portrait that you exclaim, " Oh my goodness, I can't believe you noticed that and were able to capture it so perfectly!"

It all comes down to detail....and that's what I'm known for.

The Process

1. Select Size


1. Choose Size

What best suits your needs?

You've got options! What're you going after? A bold, 16x20 statement piece, or a comfortable, 8.5x11 desktop size? You can view prices under "Pricing" in the menu above.

Choose between: 8.5x11, 10x12, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24

2. Send High Quality Photos


2. Send Photos

The better the photo, the better the portrait

I can't stress this enough! Your portrait is only as good as the photos you provide.

Up close, eye level shots of your pet in bright, natural outdoor light are best! That allows for the utmost attention to detail and a richer contrast in shadows and highlights.


Please send 2-5 reference photos via email and I'll work with you to help decide which photo is best for your portrait! Keep scrolling to see examples of what "good quality" photos look like so you know exactly what to send!

Create a Mockup


3. Discuss Details

What should be included/omitted?

Tell me about your pet and their unique features. Would you like the collar included? Is there a special physical quirk I should be sure to capture? Want to omit the drop of drool? Is this a surprise for someone? Do you need this by a certain date?

We'll discuss all the details of your portrait to ensure it exceeds your expectiations.


Coffee Maker

4. Sit Back & Relax

I'll create your custom keepsake

Portraits normally take 2-4 weeks. 

If you're on my waitlist, I'll shoot ya an email before I'm about to start, then another one when I'm about halfway through. Please feel free to request progress shots during this time. Orders can be rushed for an additional fee; this is especially important during the holidays, as this is notoriously my busiest time. I will do whatever I can to accommodate you, but my work is very detailed and time intensive, so quality takes time.

Social Media

Social network concept

5. Get Social?

Progress shots or big reveal?

I'm active on Facebook and Instagram and regularly post progress shots of my current commissions. My clients often like to follow along and see the progression of their portrait, but if this is a gift or of sensitive nature, then please let me know so I can refrain from posting. I will always ask before I begin your portrait.


6. Custom Framing?

Do it yourself or allow me

Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of custom framing? No worries, allow me to do it for you! Simply tell me about your home décor and what you typically like, and I'll use your suggestions to pick out the best mat & frame combo!

Choose between single or double mat. Framing normally runs $100 - $250 depending on the size and quality of materials. Framing cost is in addition to the cost of your portrait. Framing will add an additional 2 weeks onto the production timeline, so keep this in mind if you're trying to have it in time for a Birthday or Holiday.

Helpful Q & A
Design Sketch Desktop

Can I see progression pics?

Yes. Of course! You can follow my progress on social media or I can email you progress shots directly.

White Duvet

What color are the backgrounds?

Colored Pencil Portraits are always drawn on a white background. A clean white background really allows the details to pop off the page and make your pet the focal point. 

Dog Outside

What kind of photos do you work from and how do I get them to you?

PDF, JPEG or PNG files sent via email of your pet outside (or near a window) in bright, natural light.


Can I see an example of a "GOOD" reference photo?

This reference photo is a good example of what can be omitted. This was taken outside when it was snowing, but if you don't want the little snowflakes on his fur then I'd be happy to eliminate those from his portrait. Simply ask and I'll tell ya what I can do!

Credit Card

What payments do you accept?

PayPal, Venmo, Cash, Check or CC.

Venmo: @Taylor-M-Walker

Paypal: taylormallatt@yahoo.com


Row of Colored Pencils

What materials do you use?

Portraits are made with archival quality materials. Strathmore Smooth 500 Series Bristol Board and light-resistant, light-fast Faber Castell Polychromo and Caran d' Ache Luminance pencils.


I love everything about this reference photo BUT this......

Sometimes there are elements in the reference photo that we don't like. No fear! I can add or omit collars and change their color, reposition tags and omit drool, eye boogers or costume accessories.

Sleeping Dogs

Do you work from multiple photos or just one? 

I use one main photo for the portrait. However, it is helpful to provide multiple photos so that I can get a good feel for your pet.


Can I see the final portrait before you send it and make last minute changes?

Yes, I will always send a final phot of your piece before I package and send it; that way you are able to make any last minute changes and aren't bombarded with any "surprises".


Gift Wrapped

Can I purchase a Pet Portrait Giftcard/Voucher as a gift?

Yes! Just send an email with the size or value that you're wanting to purchase, pay with one of the approved methods, and I'll mail you a physical gift card to gift!

Dollar Bill in Jar

Do I need to pay a deposit, and when is final payment due?

Yes, I require a 20% deposit to secure your spot on my waitlist. Deposits can be paid via Venmo, PayPal, Etsy or check in the mail.


I'll email a final invoice before your finished portrait is delivered.

Gold Watch

I'm on your Waitlist, what does that mean?

It means I have orders ahead of yours that I need to complete first. Your 20% deposit holds your spot on my waitlist and I'll notify you when I'm ready to begin your custom keepsake.


Can I combine multiple pets into one portrait?

Yes, I can combine separate pet reference photos into one final composition. Please provide individual photos of each pet with their desired pose, and at least one photo of all of them together so I can see size relation.


How will I receive my final portrait?

If you live close, I will hand deliver your portrait. If not, I will package and ship it via UPS. I kindly ask that you pay shipping fees.


Can I share my finished portrait on social media?

Yes, yes and YES; please share away! I just kindly ask that you tag @tayloredillustration so that others can enjoy seeing my custom creations!

I really appreciate the shout-outs and praise, so thank you in advance!

How Accurate are Your Portraits?

Can I See More Examples

of "Good" Reference Photos?

How Do I Know

Which Size I Need?

Kayla (1).png
Gift size

8.5 x 11

Perfect gift giving size. Good choice when reference photo quality isn't great. Best suited for desktop display or apart of a gallery wall.

Untitled design - 2021-03-04T171817.624.
Attention size

16 x 20

Substantial. Gorgeous level of detail. Can hold 2 or 3 subjects. Requires perfect reference photo.

Goldilocks size

10 x 12

Not too big or too small. Most square-like dimensions. Allows for a solid amount of detail. Popular portrait size. Selective framing

Untitled design - 2021-03-19T194116.315.
Statement size

18 x 24

 Largest size for portraits. Can hold 3+ subjects. Requires perfect reference photo. Bold, dramatic, stunning.

Untitled design - 2021-03-05T200520.427.
Perfect size

11 x 14

First size that allows 2 subjects. Favorite size. Can stand alone on a wall. Beautiful level of detail. Needs great reference photo.

Custom Size


Need a size not listed? Customization is what I do best. Tell me what you need and I'll make it happen.

Ready to Begin?

Tell me about your best friend.

Custom Pet Portrait of Shiba Inu, colored pencil drawing of shiba inu dog, Langley Animal Protections Society Annual Gala