So in LOVE!!! Taylor couldn't have taken my breath away more with her recreation of our boy, Keemer. 💙 My heart is filled with such love and joy everyday now that I can have him hanging in our bedroom. From his poop chin, to his pink nose, to his incredibly handsome chest, she hit every detail PERFECTLY. Each area of his portrait is so intricate and precise that it is honestly better than any photo. TRULY STUNNING WORK. She will do your loved pet more than justice, she will create a visual masterpiece to cherish forever!


"Everything to me"

Once again she blows me away with her talent! This portrait means everything to me and I’m so happy! Addie is the best girl we have ever had and now I will have it the rest of my life!! Love you Taylor and Addie!!


"Treasured Keepsake"

I am ecstatic with how my daughter's portrait turned out. Taylor does not miss a detail. She is meticulous, and the time spent is evident in the way she captured my daughter's eyes. They are jumping off the page! Taylor took a great photo with a few flaws (i.e. drool) and turned it into a treasured keepsake worthy of being a centerpiece on our gallery wall. I can't wait for her to finish my son's portrait to complete our gallery wall!


"no words"

 I still have no words... You literally brought him back to life.  I CANNOT wait to surprise Tate!!! Love you so much for everything!! You are one of the most talented souls I've ever met and keemer was so lucky to have you spend all that quality artistic time with him


"Blown away"

Hi Taylor! We got the package today! OMG! The sketch is incredible! We are completely blown away! The amount of detail you put into your creations is breathtaking! Thank you, thank you! Lilly loves it too!


"So realistic"

"It took me a long time to choose the right artist to create a portrait of my dog, Koshi. I am so glad that I found Taylor! She has been an absolute delight to work with. She patiently answered all of my questions and gave me her expert advice on which photos would work best for the portrait. I followed Taylor on social media and I was able to watch as Koshi came to life on paper. I even had friends say that his portrait was so realistic that it moved them to tears!

When I received this beautifully framed piece, I was absolutely blown away by the detail. She captured the very essence of my old man. Now that Koshi is in the sunset years of his life, this portrait is particularly dear and I will treasure it always. Thank you very much, Taylor! <3"

"Best decision"

For my first wedding anniversary, I wanted something paper as per tradition as well as something completely unique that I knew my husband would love. Commissioning Taylor to draw a portrait of our little Winston as a puppy was my. best. decision. EVER!

Taylor was incredibly kind and easy to work with. She was so excited for the gift concept and took every effort and care to hand select the framing. She shared progress photos before the big reveal and I was dying to show my husband.

When he unwrapped Winston, he was utterly speechless and then promptly tried to find the best place to display it in our house. We were both blown away by every careful detail— individual strands of fur, layers of crazy detail, the textures she created.

We could not be any happier about our purchase and will gladly recommend to all!

Bibi & Sesto


This portrait exceeded my expectations; it is a 10!


"Moved to tears"

It was the most wonderful Christmas in Texas.
Both my daughter and I were moved to tears when she opened your masterpiece. It is perfect in every way. 
We are still deciding as a family where he should hang. We all agree we want it to be a place we all pass daily as it just makes you smile to see his precious face. 
Thank you again!!


"Absolute success"

The gift of Paxton’s picture was an absolute success. My wife is in love with it and we just got back home and it’s already on the wall in our family room. The colors look great together. Everyone is asking where I got it so I’ll be sure to send them your way.


"Absolutely perfect!"

Absolutely perfect and everything I wanted. Taylor is incredibly talented, kept me updated along the way and noticed the littlest details (she had grey streaks in his brindle patch and a little fatty deposit on his leg). This photo does NOT do justice to her talent. I would recommend her again and again!.

Grace Kelly

"Absolute joy"

When looking for an artist on Etsy to create a portrait to memorialize my beloved, recently deceased kitty, Taylor's work was (to me) by far the most realistic, refined and beautiful I came across. To commission this piece, we went back and forth several times to make sure all the finest details were captured, and Taylor was an absolute joy to work with. As a cat owner and lover herself, Taylor wanted to make sure the portrait had all of Gracie's unique nuances incorporated. And she nailed it! Amazing as this portrait looks digitally in the Etsy listing, seeing it in person blew me away! The whole experience working with Taylor and getting this piece made exceeded my expectations in every way.



Beans arrived, beautifully coddled in plastic; so well protected.  Thank you for that.  Wow!!!  You really captured his happy, energetic personality, in a very playful way.  His eyes just sparkle!!  Can’t tell you how thrilled we are with your efforts, and how pleased we were you were up for the different style.  We so felt Beanz would best be portrayed in this manner, cos it’s what he’s all about.

Love the way Beanz is almost pixeled  (rather than stroked), in so many colours, giving him  the suggestion of  brindle colouring, without being overtly so. We’ve seen some other renditions of pop art in shops in Vancouver, but yours is quite unique, because ,although you used a modern technique, you still applied the classic rules of art, with your shading, and creation of light, and depth.  A lot of pop art is almost graphic, with little depth of perception.  Still cool, but flat.  Your painting makes Beanz come off the canvas.

I hope you’re proud of your work, Taylor, and we encourage you to show off your new style, and feel free to use this example as you would like.  We really hope Beanz can help you draw some additional buzz for yourself.

We couldn’t be happier, and that big goofy grin, is immortalized.  Touches our hearts.  

Yes, he is going to have an unveiling next week.  

Thank you, thank you.  Will certainly pass your name on to our many dog associates and friends.


"Beyond perfect"

It doesn’t just look like Remy- it IS Remy. Hands down the best money I have ever spent. From the emerald flecks in his eyes to every single strand of fur, this work of art beyond perfectly captured my fur baby. Taylor was an absolute delight to work with- friendly and quick to respond. She also picked out the custom frame, and I honestly could not be more thrilled. Incredibly detailed work from an exceptional illustrator. I’m completely blown away by such a wonderful piece of custom art that’s mine to treasure forever.



"True Artist"

Taylor is a true artist and is incredibly talented. The portrait she did of my cat "Mittens" is absolutely stunning. The detail is just amazing -- it looks like you are looking at a photograph!. I gave this portrait to my mother and she loved it -- it actually made her cry when she opened it! It's something she will forever treasure. I would highly recommend ordering a pet portrait from Taylor :)




I hope you are enjoying this holiday season! I wanted to let you know how much I love the drawing of Mittens Allison had you make for me. The likeness of her is uncanny! Her personality shines through in the depth of her blue eyes and it looks like you can reach out and pet her soft, fluffy fur coat!

Mittens was such a special member of our family and now I can still enjoy seeing her cute little face daily! I have received several compliments on the quality of your work. You are an incredibly talented young lady!


Luke & Consuela


Taylor painted this oil painting for me. It looks just like my dogs. AMAZING!!!


Vinny & Murphy


Thank You Taylor;  I cant' stop looking at it 😊  Its so beautiful. 


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